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D'hartma is a seventh dimensional master, whose last lifetime was in 10th century Nepal. He has said he will never return to the earth plane, but comes forth at this time to help us become aware of our spirit and our choices. The following is one of his dissertations….


By Lynn LaFountain, Channel for D'hartma.

This is one of D'hartma's Universal Truth teachings in a group in Woodbury , Connecticut

D'hartma Speaks:

I am going to teach you how to be. If you remember, I talked to you about being. Speak you often, the word, "NO". A very little word in your verbiage, but a very big meaning. When you are self-empowered, you know how to "be". Learn how to be loving, how to accept that others change, how to accept who you are. Right?

There is great difficulty at times in your understanding of it, in being. At times bringing about decisions that you have to make that change things, is difficult, correct? Sometimes you have to do things that you don't wish to do. You find it distasteful. You find that it changes you. You are afraid. The biggest obstacle in being is fear. For when you fear, you cannot be. If you fear that others might object, you are not being. You are living in a fearsome situation.

Many times your judgements will be made upon what others meaning is acceptable. Time to change that, I think. For what is acceptable to others is never going to be acceptable to you. You have your own karma. Each one is different. I will bring you to a path and you say, "Shall I do this? Shall I not do this? What should I do?" Follow the joy within your heart and within your Spirit. Be self-empowered and understand that those around you also are self-empowered and have their own journey. Should you not listen to that journey and understand that they also have choices, which I speak to you very often,... correct? Everyone has choices. Everyone is to be self-empowered or is learning to be. If you say, "I am self empowered, I love myself," should you not offer to others that same right without imposing your will on them? For that is being, and that is also, allowing another to be. Not to try to hurry up on the karmic ladder - try to hurry up to understand. Nobody can hurry up. Time is of no importance. Lessons are very important.

Everyone learns lessons in a different way and at a different "time", (your favorite word!). Soul levels are not exactly the same other than with soul twins and even then they have choices. You say, "Why do I have a soul twin today and not have a soul twin tomorrow?" Choices alter destiny. What you call destiny is really only a path. The path leading in the same direction. They meet and make soul twins. They make different decisions, soul twins on this path.

You are on your path. It is not going to be as you believe it to be, always together, always together. When you say always together you are forgetting about individual choice and understanding that all people grow in a different way. All of your choices will always provide you with the most growth. When you say I have had some pretty sad, upsetting choices I have had to make, but when you look back in your time, you understand those choices have offered the greatest amount of growth. Right? It is very difficult to make a decision that alters what you believe, which is an illusion by the way. What you believe to be fact. What is fact, is what you are.

The choices made by you in your mind which then affects the growth of your soul is also fact, but is not yet reality. I have often been asked about past, present and future, and I say they are one! The past creates what you have in your subconscious mind. The present is your playground, as you call it, to make decisions about the future which is already present. You alter the illusion or the perception of that future by your decisions right now. If you could learn to live right now in your time and not look toward the morrow for what you will become, then you will find a great deal of enjoyment in being.

Being. All of your holy books talk about THE BEING, the being that you are. The Beings called Cherub. The Beings called, angelic host. You see, I am not quite so silly. I do have some learning about what you term, Dogmatic beliefs. By the way, there are no winged babies. The soul as it is pictured as a winged baby, was the soul in its innocence and it is the way it is portrayed - freedom of the soul and innocence of the soul. You see, soul is very pure. It is without doubts. It has no business about making choices or decisions about where the body will go. It accepts what you choose. And it works off its karma because of it. You cannot decide what anyone can do but you. And you cannot decide how their choices will affect you. The only time anyone experiences sadness is when their expectations of another are far too high. When you expect more from another in their choices and decisions than you expect from yourself, there is pain. When you expect someone to act, or react, in a way that creates a situation of pain for you, why are you expecting? Why? You have the right to accept every beings right to be. So you see being in itself is not that simplistic. Being. I am in this moment in your time, am being. I am here with you. I am not flitting about.

I am not worried about what everyone else has to do, or how they have to do it. I don't have to do that. It is not my business. Some times all of you know that I butt in, when you have asked. It sometimes makes choices a little bit easier. I, however, do not make choices for others. That is not my business to do that. When there is experience in your existence that brings you great joy, you have to experience it. When there are others who are going through a situation that brings them joy or even confusion, you have to accept it. They cannot uplift you unless you allow it. Are you going to allow it? Can you do anything about it? Can you alter the choices of others? Even in your teaching of others you can formulate a path, and that path is wondrous and is filled with light. But you have, what you term, "color glasses." You know the black ones? They block out the light. If you show everyone light, you have full personal (unintelligible). Too many have color glasses on. They are not going to see the light in the same way. Are you going to argue with them? Are you going to be agitated? Or are you going to say, "There will come a time when those glasses will become heavy on your nose and you will take them off." Then the light will still be there. Be. Be who you are - not what others expect you to be. Who you are is perfection. Who you are is light, and bearers of truth, the truth being your truth, what you have grown karmatically from light to light to learn, to teach not what you are taught, but who you are. The greatest gift you can give the world or anyone in it is who you are, not who they believe you are, not what others want you to be, not what is in your terms, acceptable. I find that acceptable. I hear that a lot. I find this acceptable. This is not acceptable. Well who will be the judges? How can you say what another does is not acceptable? You can say, "I cannot feel good about this so I am going to move away." But you cannot say that the actions of another are not acceptable. They are not your actions. You cannot judge them. You know that in your soul growth, if it is not what you feel comfort from, you move away. But you cannot alter what another does. So, being carries with it much more than the Seven Pillars of Truth - you learn to be. Sometimes it is very difficult, but when you let go of the need to control then you can control yourself, and when you control yourself you find you don't need any control at all because you are who you are. You are loving. You create warmth for our world that short time still very cold. And sometimes the warmth is just good enough so that you can bring that warmth out in other people and they can reach out to others. When you reach out to one, or two...Do now, reach out to two and each one of them reach out, but not with anger, not with judgement. Release. You release. Allow others their space to be. I have said to you many times, love and allow. It is a very wondrous phrase. Love and allow. But it carries with it burdens, in a way. When you love you do allow.

When there are people very close to you that you have had a very close friendship, those people can act any way that they choose, and you say, "Well, that is good. They are who they are. I have got to forgive them and I have to allow it. It is okay." If it is someone you do not know, you still must love and allow. It is so much easier if you have feelings of like or love for being. That is another subject. What is the difference between like and love? You like a man's action but not love the man? How can that be? Learn not to complicate things. It is very simplistic. If you arise in the morn and leave your bed, and you stand in front of the looking glass and you say, "All right, I am going to be the most wondrous being I can be today. I am going to manifest only as Soul." Is Spirit going to be free? And then you go to do your labor and another being walks up to you and says, "I don't like the way this is. I don't like it." If you only could say, "Fine. That's all right," and continue your day. How uncomplicated that would be, don't you think? Much more uncomplicated than trying to bombard each other.

When one says, "Do this in this way." Say, that is wondrous, that is good. Remember that it doesn't always matter what a man thinks, but that he thinks. And even if he thinks something that is not in harmony with you, he is thinking. It is very easy for beings to walk the earth this day, in closed mind, closed Spirit, because people fear to allow the spirit to go forth. They feel loss, degradation, fear pain...Why? You will not have these things unless you create them. They cannot form in the human form or physical form without them first forming in the mind. And even the smallest thought will create the event. Learn to be. Each of you is a very pure bearer of light. Why hide it beneath the mask that all humanity is filled with anguish destruction?

People react instead of act. What harm can it do to act? Can it do any? No. When you act, you are being. When you react you are acting under the influence of another's presence. You are under your own. Many times you do things or act in the way you would know. But you chose to believe the other's truth. What the other man says to you is true and you forget what your truth is. Your truth is your perfection and no one has the right to change that or to alter it in any way. Begin when you arise on the next morn with ease. And if someone say to you, "Why are you so strange?" You say, "I am not going to be strange. I am going to be." And if this is unacceptable, are you going to worry about it? No, because you are being. If one man says "You are wrong." You say, "Is that your judgement? Then, bless the being and the path he is on. The judgement of all of you come from within yourselves. And even yourselves are sometimes too harsh. Don't treat every action of yours as if it has to be perfect and viewed by others. For actions are not going to be perfect because, what you term, "reference point", is personal. Every being is the result of all his karmic actions, what he has experienced over many lifetimes, and how much soul growth he has attained. Each one of you with the acceptance of who you are this day in your time can master the earth plane. But you must first accept who you are. Not one of you has not loved with great depth. Not one of you has not helped another. And not one of you has not experienced sadness. Christianity say you have cross to bear. I say put the cross down and wear a smile. It is not a right to only bear a cross. I know about Christianity and dogma, and I know that your Christ wanted you to love. He wanted you to express in the most wondrous way. This was a master in soul. And you also can be that master. But you must accept who you are. I don't come this day, in your time and question who I am. Others do. And I must allow them to do that. I don't, however, question who you are. The same spirit of who I am resides in you; the same knowledge just unrecognized; the same ability and expression. Express it. This does not mean that you have to do what I do and sit in this way and speak to people. You smile, you love, you recognize the God within you and the perfection that you are, and you contribute. If it is not accepted, then the growth of those around you has not attained the same state that you have. That is all. And one man says to you, "It is ridiculous! It is not possible." Understand that in the mind of some beings it is not possible.

When your soul is not used to the light, the light can be blinding and it is much easier to flee. You have seen beings fleeing from the light. They say, "I want the truth." But don't doubt them, because the truth is within. It is not in my verbiage, only that maybe my verbiage turn on the light for you. The light is there. I cannot create the light. The Spirit is you. You've got it. When you love, you love others more than you. We are going to change that. Never look up to a teacher. Look across. Teachers as you call them, learn as much from the student as the student learns from them. Without a student, what is a teacher? You are a student. Remember that. No one knows more about you than you. Not I. Not anyone. Deep within the soul that is you lies truth. And your truth will not be the same as everyone else. But your truth and your energy in that truth will bring to the beings that need that same truth. You won't have to search them out. You won't have to do anything. They will come to you. Your soul will bring them to you. That is why when you speak to people and they look at you as if you are not very wise, or you are very silly, they have not attained that state, that place of truth.

Who you are is very important. Many of you in a very short time ahead are going to find yourselves making decisions and changes - very big changes. You are going to stop living love as you know it. Love. You won't need to. No one hurts or harms another when he lives by the law of the soul, and that soul is what you are. Now you can be and manifest that soul as pure light. Okay. I think it is in your time a place of understanding to acknowledge... You can acknowledge all of the teachers who are pretty well self professed. You acknowledge them. Did you ever think that your presence with these teachers was to teach the teachers? No, because they have wisdom and you do not, correct? No. You are being drawn to beings to learn, but also to teach. To learn to accept and to teach others that you are a wise being yourself, that you have a great deal to give others. You see all of you do this without ego which is what brings you to the point of light that you are at. If you have great ego, your light will be still the same. If you love and allow all those you teach, that light will grow, and it will grow in a great, great deal of space and brightness and joy. And when you move into a situation with another, the light will be felt. The love you have for each other cannot be separate. You have all said to me at one time or another in your understanding of it, what is the soul to it? For isn't it joyful to take note that you have each other now? These are soul twins, these are people acting in a way that will bring light and joy to others. They are all beings who have reached the same level of enlightenment without question, without ego. None of you go before and say, "Look at me! I am wondrous! I am perfect and you are not." But there are those who do. Bring your light to them, show them wha perfection is. Do it with kindness. Allow everyone to be who they are. You cannot change that. But you can present yourselves in the light that is wondrous and free of any devastation, any criticism, judgment, and you can do it freely, openly. There is what you call preach - preach! No preach. Too much positivity breeds negative reaction. When you become positive very, very much everybody run away, they don't want to hear it because now you is a drowning intrusion and human nature wants to survive - everyone wants to survive in their own way. Remember that. Love and allow. Be who you are. And too much positivity breeds negative reactions. Give, but don't thrust. Everything you do must be done with gentleness, with knowledge, with belief in yourself, but while you believe in yourselves, please believe in others. Because even though they are not on the level you are of understanding that you have, doesn't mean that their understanding is less. It means it is different. You cannot change another. You will meet many beings in your travels, and in these travels they will be very calming and wondrous and have oneness with you, or there will be a soul mate reaction. See I have told you all at one time of soul mates on parade, have I not? I am beginning to learn it and have the lessons of thriving with soul twins. Took me a long time to learn I could not be captured in that box, you know.

I want you to begin every day of your time upon awakening with looking at yourselves. And I don't want you to say, "I want to fix this, I have to fix that, I have to change this, I don't like that, this is what is wrong with me." I want you to say what is correct. I have eyes that see, I have a nose that breathes, I have a mouth that speaks, I have a face that presents itself. I have a heart that loves, I have a soul that cares, I have insight and knowledge and wisdom to impart, and I love my fellow man. That is who you are. Not: I am too tall, I am too short, I don't like my eyes, my nose is too big, it is too small, I don't say enough. Perhaps I should say more. Don't criticize yourselves. There is no thing to criticize of yourself. Do you give? Do you love people? Does everyone present themselves in a way that they love people? We will see. Do love people? Do you love them? You love people even when they make a little bit of a mistake. Is anything altered because they made a mistake? Not always. Yes, You love too well but not too wisely understand that. But you have also learned and you love with depth, with character. Right? You care and you give and you love and you are learning to be who you are and not what others find acceptable. Why don't you tell me what is acceptable? Because I have come to the conclusion that this sense that I am gaining that nothing is really acceptable to everyone. Don't you think? It may be acceptable to some to walk along the edge of a cliff. However, I wouldn't have done that when I was in a body. It was not acceptable to me. It is acceptable to others not to bear children. It is acceptable to many others that it is not good not to have children. It is acceptable to teach, it is not acceptable to others, better to learn. There are those who like warmth, those who like cold, those who like water, those who do not. So tell me now, what is acceptable? It is all acceptable. To make a judgement about what is acceptable for another is the mistake. You can say what is not acceptable to you, that is not a mistake. You cannot alter another's actions because of what is or is not acceptable to you. You don't have that right. Neither do I.

When I lived in a body I made many, many mistakes which I have shared with all of you. And I am proud of them. You know why that is? Because without those mistakes, as you call them, I would not grow, any more than you would have grown. They are not mistakes. They are lessons. Know that now. But when you make them, you say, "Oh! My goodness! How could I do this? What a mess I have made of things." It's not a mess. It was enlightening.

I walked many miles in my time walked to the water to gain back what I had as a Brahmin. And when the body passed on this plane it was not important what I had as a Brahmin. The body was gone, my life as I knew it was gone. And I was a coward, I chose not to return to this. You could have made the same choice, but you did not. However, you did not choose to suffer. People believe that Karma is suffering. It is not. Everything that you gain from Karmic understanding of the lessons that you learn is joyous. Not joyous in what you feel, because you. won't have pain if you don't experience a need to manipulate a situation. Every time you feel pain ask yourself, can I change this? Can I alter it in any way? Can I make it a truth when it is not. When it does not fit me, can I make myself more happy if I can change this being? You cannot change another. They cannot change you either. Gladly be, but in being there is great difficulty for some because you have to allow others to be. That's the trick, that you be self- empowered. I have spoken many times about self-empowerment... It is wondrous to be empowered and do what you choose. That is wondrous when those around you do the same. Don't forget, they have choices as well, and the right to make them. That can be irritating I think. I understand that. You understand that. Remember in all of your choices and all of your decisions and you have the birthright to have them, everyone else has the same right to make those choices, to make those decisions. If a man says to you, "I don't like another man." Can you change that? Can you convince him? No. You cannot convince him. You cannot convince another the sky as you know it in what you term sky is blue, if his sky is red. You can say, my perception of this is such. And allow the other to keep his red sky. That is the perception of those who need to see a red sky. Even when you look at the water, and you say the water is so beauteous, can you say that the one who looks the next year and sees it not as beautiful at all but very threatening. Can you say that is wrong. NO. You have not karmatically lived the way they have lived. They have not lived your thoughts, your lifetimes. They have not lived in your world as you know it to be. Can you see that now? Can you see that the perceptions of beings will always be different because it goes according to their soul growth. Love. Love means to allow. It means to allow growth, beauty, humility, happiness, joy, pain, - sometimes being needs to be in pain. And that's too bad. Sometimes you hurt, you feel that pain. You know why? You say because I like this being and I feel it. No. It is because you yourself recognize it. You can experience it, you can express it, you can be familiar with it. You have felt it. Therefore, you can feel it. Each one of you has gone through a turmoil because you cannot say to another, that I can understand your pain unless you have felt it. And anyone who says I will teach you, then joy for all of my days, I have not experienced any pain whatsoever, cannot teach you. You cannot be taught by one who has not experienced the feelings that you are going to go through. You see, there are a lot of tests. People call tests, I call lessons. If you don't experience them, how do you help another who feels the same? If you have not had a child, how can you tell another how to raise it? If you have not loved, how can you teach another to do that. If you have not felt pain, how do you teach another not to? No. Learning does not come from what you term reading. I don't read. I don't want to. I don't have to. Because I can feel just as you do. It is different because I am not entrapped in a body. But when you come in contact with your soul and become one with your soul and you express the soul you feel the same way that I do. You are different. Teach from your heart, not from your head. Knowledge is wondrous, but without feeling it is empty. You can know very many things. Does it help you if you cannot express them? And if you cannot express with love and compassion how do you teach another to become compassionate. So you see, it is your actions that create for you a world of perfection. I remember in your time when I stood before many and said, It is very easy. You simply be who you are. I knew it was difficult and I knew everyone would try to be. I knew many would be without changing anything. Now I would like to see that in your own mind if you would choose to do such that you learn to be and you use all of this. Use it. I give it to you. And what I give you is recognition of what already exists within you.

Next, step in your understanding is to walk each day and one time in each day when you are very agitated, smile inside of yourself and in your heart, and I know many of you will make your teeth gnash. Say, I accept who you are. It is not necessary that you agree With me, as well. I accept who you are. Say it to yourself, "I love myself!" and I want you to love yourself because you don't really know. But if you send out that kind of energy then the love will spread and the experience will spread and it will be good. If you hold it inside, what good is it? Speak to those around you with love. You don't have to walk up to everybody and say, "I love you!" No. Feel it, and be what it is. Honor the God within each man, by loving them. You will find it turns around and they love you as well. They will not always know why, but you will. Understand that the soul in any man weighs eleven ounces, that is all it is. Not very much, yet you would think that the soul in many would be large and the soul in others is very small. No. Only thing that alters your perception and another's perception, is your ability to manifest the soul within you, and if you cannot you will remain blind into the next life. You have all gained an insight an understanding to touch, to love and to realize that each time you touch and each time you love you are gaining insight, but you are also giving it and you are opening up new worlds of experience to those who you touch. Why you think healing works. You do it in a way. That's our job, a labor. Oh! My goodness, the pain, I put my hand on, it is going to be all right, next person! We don't do that. It is love, compassion, healing! Energy exchange and in your hearts is a need to bring into each other the same peace you feel. And even when you don't feel peaceful, I know you put yourselves aside and allow only pure energy to enter those around you. That is a gift. But it is not a gift handed to you because you are all worthy. It is because you have all earned it. You have learned from many lifetimes how to touch the souls of others. How to heal the mind which allows the body to heal. How to touch the soul without the body even knowing it. How to gain insight, knowledge, courage. It takes no courage to give up, but much to stand tall. You all fight your own battles in your own way, don't you? You don't have to any longer. You don't have to fight! Make don't have to do it. Accept with contentment that you will be that you are. Got it?

All right. I think I have chattered enough. It is a very big job to do what I have asked you to do. If you want to benefit from it, you have to do it - not try. You can do it. Even though you have no faith in yourself, I have faith in you! I can have that faith. I see your soul. I see it with great worth and light and comfort. I know what you are capable of. Know my labor is to make you aware of that. You are learning what you are capable of. Your power is unlimited, unless you limit it. That could be a problem. Don't limit yourself. You talk about time and space as if it is a real measure. It is an illusion. Time is measured by action. When you are moving around very quickly, doesn't time go around very fast? When you sit and think and think and worry, and what to take a journey, time is very slow. When you are having a great deal of joy in your lifetime, that's very fast. So I would say to you, time is irrelevant. I heard that. Time is measured by action. Time is not measured by time pieces. Age is measured by action. There are very old aged beings measured by your time who are not acting very wisely, and there are very young children who are masters. So time isn't relevant. A very good term. Action performed, love given, spirit shared, and common goals have created in this room soul twins, all having reached at this time the same level. You know how very difficult that would be to bring together the number of beings who are actually being in the same space at the one time. It is not an accident of what I want to say. It is not a mistake. It is truth. The truth that lies within each one of you, even though it may not be the truth of your neighbor, is every bit as true as the verbiage I speak to you now. Don't deviate from that. If you feel discomfort in what you are learning, then don't learn it, it is not for you. Put it away. You don't need to learn how to do what is not natural for you. Your soul will lead you in the right direction.

Now, you are all wondrous. I have said it. I have mastered your plane, and I have mastered my own. However, I am not your judge. You are. That responsibility I will leave for you. I tell you are all beings of light and givers of light. Now, express that light without fear, without judgement, without worry. Express it in your own way. Soul twins doesn't mean physical twins acting the same way, thinking the same way, doing the same way. Express who you are and don't change it. What does man say, "You cannot change perfection, you cannot alter it." You don't have to. You are all perfect in your own growth and no one can say you are not. Only a person expressing the soul through imperfection will judge another. So we together as one being at this time are not going to do that any longer, are we? I don't judge you. Don't judge your brothers. You are all brothers. You are all very active in your own oneness. I said before love your brothers for his struggles, not in spite of them. Understand that everyone struggles. Everyone's reality has, as it one time or another, your understanding of that,.. I don't like that word at all: time. As struggle, be helping hand - help them. Love them because they are struggling. And you can help them because now you have given them a gift, the ability to help others. Use the gift wisely. Don't become wrapped up in who you are. Be who you are. Don't worry about becoming, because if you can't be, you are not going to have to worry about what you are going to become. All right? You are all wondrous. Remember that.

Blessed be you. Thank you very much.