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Everybody knows that crime is up.  The police cannot catch criminals as fast as they commit crimes.  There is an easy answer to this problem staring us in the face, if the politicians and courts were simply willing to accept it.

Psychics should be allowed to testify in court regarding the guilt or innocence of a person.  This would speed up the criminal justice system, and would result in more accurate administration of the laws.

Of course, there are some fakes who would glow in the limelight, and give inaccurate psychic readings to judges and juries.  If this were allowed, then innocent people would be convicted, and guilty people would go free.

Fortunately, this problem is solved easily by requiring all psychics to be certified by a psychic certifying agency or company.  This would keep the frauds out, and would insure that only the best psychic witness services would be offered to the courts.

It is time our politicians woke up to the grown problem of crime, and accepted this very simple solution.