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The Relationship of Gender to Skepticism

Recent research has indicated a strong relationship between gender and skepticism.  This research has indicated that most fanatical skeptics are men, and women skeptics are practically non-existent.

When women do appear to be skeptics, it is usually in a setting where their identity cannot be confirmed.  This leads to serious questions about whether the person in question is actually female at all.  While this is still being studied, preliminary indications are that where a skeptic identifies "herself" as a woman in a setting allowing impersonation, the skeptic is almost always in reality a man.  (One example of this is on the Internet, where somebody posting a message can claim to be a woman.)

Scientists are not sure why so many male skeptics find the need to pose as females.  The most likely theory is that males know females are more sensitive and in tune to the psychic and paranormal world, so they try to make it appear that many women are skeptics, when in fact hardly any women at all are skeptics.

One interesting study examined a male skeptic who had a sex change operation and became a female.  Not surprisingly, the now-female skeptic was no longer skeptical.  She started having psychic visions herself, and encounters with spiritual beings.  More such studies should be made, but this one study strongly reinforces the evidence that it is only men who are fanatical skeptics.