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Lack of Homeopathic Health Care Deadly

Why does James Randi not want people to get homeopathic care?  Does Randi have friends in the medical establishment?

John Benneth is a world famous psychic, homeopath, and remote listener.  His predictions not only have been eerily accurate, he has attempted to solve the worldwide health problem with his amazingly effective homeopathic cures.

However, Benneth has been stalled in his quest for goodness for mankind by James Randi and similar ilk.

The indications so far are that this can be the biggest health care scandal to hit the planet.

When Randi failed to test Benneth under the exact conditions that Benneth set out, it showed that the Randi Challenge is not only a cruel hoax, it also showed that it is a stumbling block in the way of medical progress that can help millions of people with an assortment of illnesses.

Why James Randi is willing to see so many people suffer and die to protect his own ego is beyond us here at Psychic Magazine.  We sincerely believe that concerns about mankind's health and well being should rise above petty concerns like what Randi has.

Nevertheless, Randi continues to block progress in homeopathic medicine.  This causes homeopathy to be accepted much less than it would otherwise.  One world famous and well respected scientist who we interviewed said, "If not for James Randi, medical progress would be a thousand years ahead of where it is now.  What we have, though, is medicine stuck in the dark ages, just because of this one man."

Time and time again, we have seen James Randi block one kind of progress or another.  This is yet another example; sadly, it is one of the worst and most cruel.