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New Theories on the Pyramids

Nearly every day new and startling theories and discoveries are being made about the pyramids in Egypt.  These theories shake the foundations of nearly all science and history.

Yet, many are still resistant, and cling to old, closed-minded notions that the Egyptians were capable of building these massive monuments.  Due to the lack of any firm historical record, such as photographs, we must go beyond the tired ideas of the past and move forward in our understanding of these structures and the beings that created them.

So who--or what--really created the pyramids?  Certainly not the humans in Egypt at the time!  There is no possible way such a backward and ignorant people could move such material into a structure, much less plan the building of it.

So we are left with only one alternative.  Aliens.  Some people scoff at this idea, but it is today widely accepted by scientists and historians that aliens from other planets created the pyramids.  Despite the few who still refuse to accept this fact, universities around the world are abuzz with talk of the new realization.

Now that scholars widely accept that aliens built the pyramids, that controversy is dying down, promoting new opportunities to explore why the aliens built the pyramids.  University professors around the world agree that this is the new fertile ground for investigation, and they have begun to take a hard look at the alien motivation that provided mankind with such wonders.