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Sabotage of a Psychic Experiment

Why does James Randi hate Uri Geller so much?  Could it be because Randi knows something that he won't admit?

Uri Geller ran an honest internet psychic experiment where he offered one million dollars to anybody who could bend a spoon over the internet. With so many people participating, and with the existence of psychic powers so prevalent in the world today, you would think that the money would have been won.

But it wasn’t. Due to interference from a world-wide cult of fanatical skeptics, the experiment had to be abandoned with the money unawarded. It is a shame it has come to this, but we have incontrovertible evidence that this is what happened.

The background

When Uri Geller decided to use the Internet to test the world’s psychic abilities, he was doing so in the interest of science, and with a genuine desire to finally get before the public the reality of psychic powers. Geller had taken much criticism from fanatical skeptics who doubted his powers—some were not doubtful, but were fearful of the implications for world governments and religions. This well publicized experiment was to finally put an end to the squabbling and show both skeptics and believers that psychic abilities are real.

So Geller set up a highly scientific experiment, with rigorous controls, asking highly respected scientists to oversee the process. The result was one of the most thorough psychic experiments ever devised.

Despite the care and expense Geller put into the experiment, however, it was doomed to failure because an organized clique of skeptics, headed by James Randi, had already decided to thwart the test and render it useless. Their goal was to discredit Uri Geller after the "failed" experiment by pointing out how nobody bent the spoon and claimed the prize.

The Randi Agenda

James Randi has long been a vocal critic of Uri Geller. Much of Randi's income has been from his sensationalist "debunking" of Geller and Geller's abilities. Anticipating that such income would be threatened by a successful experiment by Geller, Randi sprang into action.

Psychic Magazine has now received reports from insiders involved in Randi's operation.  Our sources initially agreed with the goal of "exposing" Uri Geller, but have told us that when they eventually saw what was happening, they realized they were on a mission of manipulation, rather one of exposure, and grew disillusioned with the whole scheme.  For obvious reasons, we cannot reveal our sources.  But we have checked and verified them in various ways, and have determined to our satisfaction that they are being honest with us.

Our insider sources report to us that Randi would stop at nothing, no matter how dishonest or unethical, to discredit Geller.  The reason?  Money.  Once Geller validated the existence of psychic powers, there would be no audience for Randi's fanaticism and his lectures and books denying psychic powers.  It was to protect Randi's livelihood that the all out assault on Geller was planned and executed.

The plan of action

Randi and his disciples know that psychic powers are real.  They know that Uri Geller has real psychic powers.  So when Geller set up the spoon bending experiment on the Internet, there was a real fear among Randi and his followers that the spoon definitely would be bent.  The prospect of millions of people trying to use psychic powers in the experiment was too much for them, because they were sure that the spoon would be bent.

The high degree of publicity around Geller's experiment guaranteed that there would be at least as much publicity after the experiment terminated and the results announced.  After all, reasoned Randi, the spoon would bend at some time, leaving an astounding confirmation of psychic abilities.

Randi and his team of saboteurs considered their options.  They thought about simply ridiculing the experiment--in fact, this ridicule was carried out during the life of the experiment, and it continues to this day.  Due to the participation of prestigious scientists in Geller's experiment, though, Randi decided ridicule could only go so far once the experiment terminated successfully.  There had to be more.

Randi rightly concluded that his income would be threatened by the mere success of the experiment.  Nothing he could do could negate the effect of success.  It was only logical, then, that Randi decided the experiment must not be allowed to succeed.

It is a well known scientific fact that when psychic powers absolutely must be thwarted, rather than just "explained away," there is only one effective method:  negative energy.  Fanatical skeptics are well known for this trick.  They project enough negative energy with disbelief (and just plain "not wanting it to work") that often, enough force is applied against the use of psychic powers to cause complete failure.  When that happens, the skeptics smugly assert that they knew it wouldn't work--when the fact is it is they who caused it not to work!

The problem with Geller's Internet experiment was larger than any Randi had faced before.  This is not just a psychic standing in a room, or even on a stage.  This was something that millions of people would participate in.  The negative energy required to overcome this would be great, indeed.  So Randi secretly assembled the largest collect of skeptics ever known.  Secret e-mail and telephone calls were the order of the day.

Randi's secret mailing lists were busy things, urging fellow skeptics to focus all their negative energy on this one experiment.  To assist his skeptic legions in their efforts, Randi even mailed out thousands of street maps, pinpointing the location of Uri Geller's mansion, and even showed the exact room in which the spoon was suspected to be.  Luckily for Randi, and just as unfortunately for science and the rest of mankind, Randi guessed right.

Randi's fanatics focused so much negative energy, night and day, for the whole year the experiment ran, that nobody was able to bend the spoon.  The energy this cult directed to Geller's mansion was so great that it even broke the clock used to show the time on the web--something that some of Randi's cult followers have even bragged about openly!

As a side note, many scientists point out that focusing that much negative energy in one place is hazardous to anybody who might step into the target area.  It is sheer luck that nobody was seriously injured or even killed by this recklessness.

The immediate result was that Geller's Internet experiment was a "failure."  With the spoon unbent, Randi and his followers could then freely ridicule the experiment, safe in the knowledge that they had prevented success.

What has mankind lost?  Psychic research has been set back centuries with this scheme of Randi's.  What would have been validated has been turned into a disaster for psychic research, all because one man decreed to his followers that they not allow a true experiment to take place.  How much longer must mankind be denied the benefits of psychic powers because of a narrow-minded band of fanatics?

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