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Are Skeptics Sexual Deviates?

A noted paranormal scholar has reported that he has found a link between skepticism and sexual deviancy.  He said that after years of personal study of people skeptical of the paranormal, he has discovered that there is a pattern among the skeptics that show they are well outside the mainstream with regard to matters of sexuality, children, and marriage.

The highly methodical and scientific study noted that skeptics in general tend to be so antisocial they cannot seem to marry before a certain age.  Also, patterns of male skeptics having sex with young boys has emerged.

The researcher also pointed out that fanatical skeptics have an irrational resistance to being probed and questioned on their private sexual habits, indicating that they do, in fact, have something to hide.

Research is being continued to study why the link between irrational skepticism and unhealthy sex practices exists.  One possibility is that skeptics fear psychics because psychics might uncover many of their sexual indiscretions, and even crimes.  If so, this would explain why skeptics are so fanatical in their resistance to the notion that psychics like Uri Geller and John Benneth have real psychic powers.