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Psychic Magazine

March 19, 2000

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Welcome to our first issue

This is the first issue of Psychic Magazine.  Many of our articles are still in progress, so please bear with us.  We are certain that we will become your first choice of information for today's psychic news.

Breaking Story - Sabotaging Uri Geller

When Uri Geller decided to generously test the people of the world with his internet spoon bending experiment, he was probably being overly optimistic in hoping there would be no problems.

He was wrong. We have learned that James Randi, a fanatical skeptic, arranged to sabotage the experiment to insure it was a failure.

For the story, click here.

Lack of Homeopathic Care Costs Lives

We at Psychic Magazine have learned that because of the influence of people like James Randi, people are dying needlessly.  See the story here.

Amityville Horror - A classic example of hoaxing the truth

If you've seen the movie or read the book, you know how well researched the Amityville Horror story is.  But some people won't let the truth stand on its own, and they deliberately set out to turn an amazing story of paranormal activity into a sham.  Story

New Theories on the Pyramids

What's the latest research into these strange objects?  And why do some people still insist that the Egyptians were capable of making them?  Story

Are Skeptics Sexual Deviates?

What does their sexual practices say about their beliefs?  Story

Relationship of Gender to Skepticism

Who is more likely to be a fanatical skeptic?  Women, or men?  Story

New!  D'hartma Speaks

D'hartma, a Seventh Dimensional Master, is channelled and teaches you how to be!

Preview of Issue 2!

Science routinely rejects claims without any proof that they are false.  Is this the way science is to be conducted?  What about Napoleon and Washington?