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Loopholes discovered in the Randi Challenge

A diligent and thorough paranormal researcher has investigated the Randi Challenge and discovered major loopholes in it.

Among the loopholes are:

Randi might die before a psychic can be tested.

The psychic must actually perform the feats he says he can perform.  Bringing letters from friends will have no influence on Randi at all.

Randi and the psychic must agree to what the test involves.

Randi makes no promise that he will pay for the travel, lodging, and meals of the person claiming psychic powers.

The test must be constructed in a way that the results are self-evident, without using a judge!

The psychic must agree not to sue Randi if he fails.

Possibly the biggest loophole is that nobody has ever won the Randi Challenge!

We at Psychic Magazine agree that these are major loopholes, and the public needs to know about them.  You can read more about this news making research at