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Shameful Behavior by James Randi

We at Psychic Magazine have learned of some atrocious behavior by James Randi in his testing of a very cute and sweet little girl.

The little girl can see things even when fully blindfolded, and wanted to try the Randi Challenge.

Randi agreed.  But when he saw that the girl was the real thing, he decided to cause her to "fail."  Actually, she passed the challenge, but Randi decided to rig it so it would look like she failed.

What Randi did is almost too cruel to mention.  He put so much tape on her head that she nearly smothered, and he shouted at her and required her to speak in an unfamiliar language.  By the time it was over, the girl was crying and unable to perform.

There can be only one reason for Randi's behavior.  He didn't want to keep his side of the deal, where the girl would win the money with her natural abilities.

We at Psychic Magazine were skeptical of this story at first, because we could not bring ourselves to believe that even somebody like James Randi would be so cruel to a cute little girl.  But after investigation we became convinced.  Now nothing would shock us about James Randi's behavior.  In fact, we have learned that in testing some psychics, James Randi makes the psychic sign an agreement not to sue if there is personal injury, and then Randi locks the psychic in a sack.  And we believe it, too.

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